Hadi’s DM demands coalition to hit tribal sites loyal to legitimacy

A leaked document from the Seventh Military Region Command revealed that the Defense minister in legitimate government, Lieutenant General Muhammad AlMaqdashi, had sent coordinates of tribal forces positions, which are fighting in the seventh military zone with Hadi’s forces, to the leadership of coalition forces to bomb them by air.

The submitted document by the command of the seventh military region to the Minister of Defense indicates that the latter formed a committee about some independent units and battalions whose loyalty doubted, and requested to lift their locations, sites coordinates, and disclose their military leaders.

according to the document, Al-Maqdashi claims, that these units are planning to leave their positions or coordinate and join Houthis, and it is a charge that Islah party used it to undermine the tribal leaders that do not owe Islah full loyalty.

The document shows that there are measures that will be taken against these units, the first of which is targeting them by coalition aircraft, where a list containing all coordinates of these units has lifted.

The coalition has targeted, more than once, tribal forces opposing Islah, which indicates that the targeting operations were not wrong, but rather, it is based on coordinates that have been lifted by the Ministry of Defense.