Mahrah Sit-in committee vows to expel “occupying” forces

Al-Mahra sit-in committee pledges to continue the struggle against the Saudi-Emirati forces until they are expelled from the province.

Sheikh Abud Qamsit, deputy chairman of the committee for peaceful sit-in in the province, Abboud Qamsit said those who shed the blood of people in al-Anfaq incident will not escape the reckoning.

Sheikh “Qamsit” said in a tweet on Friday, “We have the second anniversary of the heroes who were martyred in al-Anfaq area, in defense of the land. We cannot forget those sacrifices of any free citizen, in order to liberate the province from the Saudi-Emirati “occupation”.

He added that all those who participated in the bloodshed of the young people, in the fateful incident, will come the day when they will be held accountable for their heinous crimes.

Qamsit said the sit-in committee will not back down from its stated objectives of expelling the invaders from  Mahrah and their militias

On November 13, 2018, a Saudi armored vehicle stormed the tunnel area in the Al-Anfaq Mountains of Mahrah, firing at protesters, killing two young men and injuring a third.