for “supporting enemy”…Sana’a sentences 21 convicted to death

The Court of First Instance in Sana’a has sentenced 21 to death convicted of supporting the enemy (Saudi-led coalition countries)  and inciting it to commit acts that affect the security and stability of the Republic of Yemen.

The operative part of the judgment held on Sunday presided over by the Chairman of the Court, Judge Mujahid al-Amadi, ordered the confiscation of all property of the convicted to the State Treasury.

The court also ruled against accepting the criminal lawsuit filed by the public prosecution against three suspects because it had ruled in the case.

The Criminal Prosecution also charged 24 people with helping the enemy and inciting it to commit acts that affect the security, stability, unity and territorial integrity of the Republic of Yemen.

According to Houthis-run Saba news agency, the accused, sought to aid the countries of the Saudi-UAE coalition and harm the political, military and economic rank of the country.

They also agreed with them to participate in launching a war on the Republic of Yemen and issued resolutions and statements through which they sought to support the Saudi-led coalition countries in continuing their war on Yemen, occupying parts of its lands and targeting governmental and private facilities.

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