Hadi forces threaten to kidnap STC leaders

The 3rd Brigade presidential protection loyal to Exiled Yemen’s president Hadi threatened to arrest of all members of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in response to the arrest of a presidential protection officer in Zinjibar district, Abyan province, southern Yemen.

A statement issued by the brigade said that the STC’s militias kidnapped Colonel Mustafa Mahdi al-Kazmi, assistant commander of the 3rd Brigade, presidential protection at Dawfas check point in Zinjibar, while he was returning from a medical examination and visiting his family in Aden.

The statement considered that al-Kazmi’s arrest is an obstacle to the ceasefire efforts between Hadi forces and STC militias in Abyan.

The southern transitional accused the 3rd Brigade of presidential protection of recruiting terrorist elements and leaders fighting alongside it against the pro-UAE Southern Transitional Forces.

The statement called on the UAE-backed security belt forces to release Colonel Mustafa Al-Kazmi and reveal his place of detention and held the STC responsible for his life and safety.