For the third day in a row…chaos of axises groups ravaging Taiz

For the third day in a row, acts of chaos and street blockages in the city of Taiz have been renewed by the rival armed groups within Taiz axis.

Local sources said that armed men deployed in the city’s streets and cut off the main city’s streets and opened fire in the air, causing a state of chaos and panic among the citizens.

Added that the gunmen who deployed in the city follow the leader in Islah, Amin Abdo Saeed, and the commander of Taiz Axis, Khaled Fadel, or what was known as Islah party wing Jabal Habashi .

Chaos actions erupted in Taiz last Monday after the killing of the young “Abdullah”, the son of Islah leader, Amin Abdo Saeed, shot by the bullet of Al-Awni, who is close to the Axis advisor, Salem.