Qatar and Yemen’s brotherhood…a game of politics with petroleum fuel

Islah authority in Marib started operating a new oil refinery, which recently arrived from abroad, and it is likely Qatar smuggled it to strengthen the separation of Islah party’s factions from Saudi-Emirati alliance, which Portends a new escalation.

This coincides with the coalition suspension to the dues of Islah fighters on the fronts for the ninth months, especially in Marib, and using it as a pressure card to implement its agenda, that contradict with the Qatari trends to form a unified government with the wings of the Emirates.

Tribal sources revealed that the new refinery was rented from abroad by Sultan Al-Arada, the governor of Marib, through businessman Abdullah Eishan, and it was installed in Safer and is currently producing approximately 700 thousand liters of red gasoline per day, unlike the previous refinery, which produces “white” gasoline. About eight locomotives are exported, some of them to areas controlled by Sana’a forces in Al-Jawf, while the rest are sold on the black market.

Customers are being deluded that the oil was imported from Mukalla, in an attempt to camouflage the refinery activity, In which the process of supervising and filtering were assigned to the leaders Abdul Hadi Saleh Al-Shabwani and Abdullah Ali Mohsen bin Jalal, while the leader Hamad bin Naji Al-Shabwani supervises the transportation and sale process that takes place through locomotives and small trucks belonging to a merchant named Muhammad Jaber Al-Dahmashi, and the funds are deposited in Aishan exchange, whose owner Abdullah Aishan distributes it to Islah leaders on the battlefronts.

According to sources, 20 million of the new refinery revenues are received for the benefit of Mabkhout AlNa’aj , the leader of Islah factions in Alam Front, while 85 million riyals are offered daily at the disposal of a special committee affiliated with the party in charge of mobilizing reinforcements, sending fighters and financing the subversives. In addition, other sums are put into Al-Arada account that are “unspecified”, with the aim of spending them on sheikhs and leaders of Yemen’s Brotherhood (Islah) party on the rest of the fronts.

Sending the new refinery, which will end the suffering of Islah in exporting Marib, Shabwah and Hadramout oil stocks, after UAE harassment, which reached to the point of targeting ships carrying oil, in conjunction with news of Qatari mediation between Islah and Houthis around Marib province.

The recent moves indicate that Islah decided to be separated militarily and financially from  coalition that assigned the tasks of the battle in Marib and Al-Jawf provinces to the commander of UAE wing at the GPC party and the appointed Chief of Staff Saghir bin Aziz, who has imposed, since taking office, a siege on the “Brotherhood” factions in an attempt to dismantle it. Pulling Marib’s rug from under Islah, whether by stopping financial allocations and feeding or by polarizing and appointing loyalists to him, at the head of Islah units’ leadership. It also indicates to the orientation of Islah towards escalation against Saudi-Emirati alliance and aborting the efforts to form a new government.