UAE Sends more Intelligence Officers to Socotra Island

A new Emirati intelligence cell arrived on the Yemen’s Socotra island. Local sources on the island reported that the cell led by the retired Emirati officer, “Muhammad Ali Rahmeh”, accompanied by two others, arrived at Hadibo airport.

The sources added that the cell joined the larger Emirati cell headed by the Emirati delegate Khalfan Al Mazrouei, to carry out special tasks against the Saudi Forces.

The sources indicated that, after their arrival, they met social figures and leaders in the Transitional Council of the Emirates, in addition to leaders from the People’s Congress Party on the island.

“Leader of the Emirati cell handed every social and political figure a check with huge sums of money under the pretext of the so-called “generosity of Mohammed bin Zayed” as buying loyalties and implementing an agenda,” the sources added.

The sources pointed out that the new cell will be organized into intelligence and espionage centers, including cells that follow the leaders: Ali Al-Bayraq, Abu Nasser, Abu Sultan, Sultan Al-Kaabi, and Ali Issa.