Houthis attack al-Qaeda sites in al-Baidha

Sana’a forces backed by the popular committees (Houthis’ forces) launched on Monday a military attack on sites of Saudi-led coalition forces and Al-Qaeda organization in Al-Soma’a district in al- Baidha province, central Yemen, local sources said.

Houthis’ forces were able, during the attack, to clear several areas and locations were under the control of the coalition forces and Al-Qaeda operatives, the sources explained.

After fighting fierce battles against the coalition forces, Islah Party, and Al-Qaeda and ISIS elements, Sanaa’s forces managed to impose full control over ‘Awain’ area and ‘Al Ubaid’ village, and advance towards the areas of ‘Al-Romieh’ and ‘Al-Uqla’, where battles are currently taking place between the two parties, the sources added.

On August 28, the army forces and the popular committees were able to purge the entire Yakla and Qaifah areas of Al Qaeda and ISIS elements, despite the air support to terrorist organizations by the coalition’s warplanes.