Abdul malik gave permission to UAE to attack Hadi forces in al-Alam 

The resigned Minister of Transport in the coalition-backed government, Saleh al-Jabwani, said that the UAE has obtained written permission from Prime Minister Moeen Abdul Malik to strike Hadi’s forces in the al-Alam area on the outskirts of Aden in late August 2019.

Saleh al-Jabwani has revealed details of the airstrikes that have killed and wound over 300 soldiers of “Hadi Forces” in the al-Alam area of Aden province.

After the UAE’s treacherous al-Alam’s strike, the situation between Yemeni officers and coalition officers nearly were about exploded in one of the joint operations rooms.

To calm the situation, one of the coalition officers said that “the UAE strike was carried out with the knowledge of the prime minister Moeen Abdul Malik.and other Yemeni officials.”

He added that the UAE deposited a large sum of money in a certain account Abdul malik in exchange for that written permission, and that Abdul Malik bought a property in Cairo from that money.

The air strikes launched by UAE aircraft on Hadi’s forces killed and wounded 300 soldiers of forces loyal to Hadi, forcing them to retreat from the outskirts of Ad

en city to the coastal city of Shuqrah in Abyan