Yemen’s return to the Arab embrace..!!

Since the beginning of the war on Yemen, the coalition countries have raised from Washington the slogan of “restoring Yemen to the Arab embrace” as a justification before Arab and Islamic community for waging this war on Yemen, in which coalition committed war crimes with UN recognition.

Since the first day of war, Anssarallah “Houthis” and their allies announced that Israel was mainly involved in this war, as the American role, it was clear and known from the beginning. It is sufficient that this war has been declared for the first time from the American capital, Washington, by the Saudi ambassador in Washington at the time, Adel Al-Jubeir. Whereas, the announcement could have been made from Riyadh and by any Saudi military commander or any official in the Saudi Foreign Ministry. Choosing to declare the war from Washington and by the Saudi ambassador there, it was deliberate and intentional. His main goal is that Saudi Arabia wanted to tell the world that this war leading on Yemen got the green light from America and Washington stands behind it. So that no country, whether in the region or the world, dares to object to this war. Therefore, we found the Arab summit, which has been held very few days after the war declaration from Washington, came out with a consensus of almost all Arab countries not to oppose this war, because objecting this, means objecting America, not Saudi Arabia.

With regard to Israel, Sanaa’s official speeches and statements, have never been without indicating that the war on Yemen aims to serve Israel in the region, and when the war expanded and reached to the western coast, Israel entered the line, directly and non-declared. At that time, the leader of Anssarallah Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi warned that Israel had a role in the battles of the West Coast, despite this, most of Yemenis in controlled areas by coalition considered Houthi’s talk and their accusations against Israel as an exaggeration and media propaganda, to be seen today, and after five and a half years of war on Yemen, that the slogan of Saudi-UAE-American alliance that has been raised since the beginning of the war, “ to return Yemen to the Arab embrace,” was a false slogan, and that embrace was the Israeli embrace.

If we look at the nature of the war on Yemen and the participating parties, we found that three countries mainly participating in the war on Yemen announced their normalization with Israel, and they are “UAE, Bahrain and Sudan”, bearing in mind that Saudi Arabia has   secret relations with Israel and until the moment, it didn’t dare to announce officially her relationship with the Zionist entity.

Noting that Israeli channels announced several days ago, and quoting from official source in Israel, that an Israeli delegation was present at that time in Riyadh. This means that the first country fights in Yemen will soon be the fourth country to recognize and announce a public and official relationship with Israel.

Maybe that’s necessarily require awareness from Yemenis in the coalition-controlled areas in south and east of Yemen, that their standing and support for Saudi coalition in the war against Yemen is clearly and frankly means standing by Israel. So far, the pro-Hadi’s government supporters, and the restoration of what so called “legitimacy” has become necessary for them to reconsider their position before it is too late, as the coalition will not allow the return of hotels government until it becomes a ring on the finger of Israel.

Probably, the greatest proof of this, is what Kelly Craft, the American delegate to the Security Council, said before last Tuesday, that establishing relations with Israel is the nucleus of peace in Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Iran, and there is no peace in Yemen nor the region except by adopting the option of establishing friendly relations and alliance with Israel.