Why STC exposes the most dangerous Saudi plan in Aden?

In Aden city, which is under the control of the Saudi-Emirati coalition, south of Yemen, and where obtaining bunch of hashish has become easier than buying cigars, the controversy raged, on Tuesday, after STC pro-UAE factions, confiscated a shipment coming from Saudi Arabia contain more than three tons of drugs, defying With that, the Saudi forces that pushing to receive them, what are the motives of the announcement at this time and what is its impact on STC’s relationship with Riyadh?

Nothing is impossible in Aden since the Saudi-Emirati coalition took control on the city in August 2015 and hire mercenaries from various poles of world, including Colombian gangs known for drug trafficking and sex. The city now get stuck in chaos it is like a jungle, girls kidnapping and drug trafficking are main headlines of news bulletins and activists pages. But the remarkable thing, the matter is no longer limited to retailers who roam Aden neighborhoods to distribute various types of drugs to the city youth and often exposed to financial disputes that develop into confrontations and sometimes it transform to seizures operations, with showing their events to the media, rather, the huge quantities that are flowing into the city’s ports, the latest of which was announced by STC factions on Tuesday, when they found an amount exceeding 3 tons of raw drugs.

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Reports received from Aden security said that the seized quantity arrived on a ship that came two days ago from Saudi port of Jeddah as a sugar shipment, and the shipment had completed customs procedures at the port and it was about to leave, before it intercepted by Shalal Shaie faction, the former security director, who had reserve the drugs.. It is reported that the quantity that was currently seized in one of the 15 containers still in the port, and the Saudi forces refuse to be inspected..

As for the size of the quantity, this confirms that it is not the first time that huge quantities of drugs have been entered and reveals the involvement of security and military leaders internally and externally, according to what activists see, even the timing of its disclosure is for a particular purpose, where Shalal Shaie aims to improve his conditions sheet with Saudi Arabia, which is seeking to appoint his successor by force after getting him to Al-Ma’ashiq Palace, accompanied by American soldiers, not to mention Shaie stubbornness in refusing to deliver the shipment to the Saudi forces who surrounded the port, and were Almost to enter into confrontations with his followers then sending the shipment to the Public Prosecution in Aden, in order to blackmail Saudi parties. Other sources also talk about UAE push towards the overthrow of Saudi ambassador and the de facto ruler on the legitimate areas in Yemen, Muhammad Al-Jaber, that his involvement in entering the shipment along with Saudi military leaders has been reported by investigations into Yemen.

Much controversy is being raised about the shipment now, and the most prominent of which is the fear of turning Aden into another quagmire of drugs in the context of Saudi efforts to impoverish Aden society and turn its youth into recruits to serve its agenda, but the most important thing is the extent of the confusion that emerged over Saudi Arabia, whose media outlets, such as AlArabia, rushed to portray the coalition as the one who seized the shipment, trying to stuck it to STC ,  whose leaders accused of being subservience to Iran through talking that the shipment belongs to the Lebanese “Hezbollah”