Mawlid of Prophet … The great message

With the birth of the prophet Mohammed “peace be upon him” in the sixth century, the world is surge in darkness, opening a new era in the history of mankind and starting the March of light, carrying the divine message.

Today, Islam and its eternal message are being subjected to a fierce attack by the enemies of the truth, we must act with utmost care and dedication to preserve the greatness of the Mohammedan message and celebrate what is befit for his birth, peace and blessings are upon him.

In this regard, the Republic of Yemen’s celebrations of this year’s solemn religious event are the largest, most impressive and outstanding, preparations for which began earlier in the various provinces and in an unprecedented manner, reflecting the fact that Yemenis are deeply associated with the late Prophet Muhammad’s prayers, peace be upon him.

The Yemeni people had a prominent role in supporting the Mohammadiya message and carrying the flag of unification all over the world, heralding the birth of a new era based on justice and equality, establishing the foundations of a pattern of rule based on attachment to God and working with what came in his noble book and the year of the Great Prophet.

The state of the Islamic nation has reached its lowest level of fragmentation, disintegration, disunity and conspiracy against each other by the deceit and the tricks of colonialism.

It can be said that the reality of the nation today is at its lowest level in decades because of the disgruntled leaders who assumed the reins of power in the Islamic countries and were kept in the arms of America and the rest of the colonial countries.

This issue is confirmed by the fact that the Israel normalization with the client regimes has accelerated and hastened to settle the Palestinian issue, the first Arab and Muslim issue, and this is reflected in the humiliating present of the Islamic Nation, which has reached this situation as a result of the departure from the Book of Allah and the year of his noble messenger and his neat biography.

Leaders whose performance was weak and fearful and had no right political vision, which put them in the glorious history of the nation between the powers of colonialism and its people, its privileged position and its wealth.

The reality of the nation today is untenable, which requires a serious pause to know the causes and the problems of the imbalance, to work on them and to correct the path by providing the reasons for the advancement of the nation, taking caution against the conspiracies and conspiracies of enemies.