Iranian official unveils Sana’a rockets arsenals

A member of the National Security Committee in the Iranian Parliament, Jawad Karimi, revealed that Sanaa’s defense capabilities have grown considerably due to the Yemeni ability to manufacture drones and develop long-range ballistic missiles.

In a press interview, on the sidelines of the handing over the credential of the Iranian ambassador in Sana’a, Hussein Erlo, to the Political Council, Karimi indicated that Sana’a forces were able to develop 900 long-range missiles and dozens of helicopters with many equipment, not to mention their ability to manufacture drones.

The arrival of Ambassador Erloa was also considered a challenge to the blockade im

posed by the coalition on Yemen

The arrival of Ambassador Erlo was also considered a challenge to the blockade imposed by coalition on Yemen. He pointed out that his country’s embassy in Sana’a had not closed its doors since the war began in 2015. Although his country has returned Iranian ships carrying parliamentarians and aid during the last period off the Yemeni coast in Bab al-Mandab, At the request of US Secretary of State John Kerry in that time.