New postponement of Hadi’s government announcement

Emirati media means revealed on Monday that the announcement of Hadi’s government had been postponed after scheduled for today. This comes amid intense disputes within the components of the so-called “legitimacy.”

The site “Arm News” quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the government’s announcement postponed it for two additional days, after it was expected to be officially announced at the evening.

According to the source, the reasons of postponement are due to conflicts within the party components, the most prominent of which is Islah party that refused to name the members of its ministerial portfolios under the pretext that its share is marginal and not commensurate with its size, as it is the largest of the current political components compared to the GPC party that disintegrated and obtained most of the portfolios.

It also indicated to the impact of representation differences within GPC party on the process of nominating members of the new government.

Saudi Arabia had succeeded during the past days in forcing Hadi and transitional to accept the shares of the new government division, which is expected to be announced within the framework of Riyadh’s efforts to push Riyadh agreement forward, but despite this step, the government’s announcement is still unlikely.