For the Second time within hours…Sana’a attacks A Saudi aiport

Sana’a Air force on Monday evening announced about a second air attack on a Saudi military target within hours.

“The army drones were able for the second time to carry out a new offensive on Abha international airport with a drone of Qasef 2k type,” Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie said.

“The drone attack targeted an important military target inside the airport and hit it accurately,” Sarie added.

He considered this attack and the offensive operations on Abha airport and Khamis Mushait military base during the past few days as a series of Yemeni responses to the Saudi crimes and siege against Yemen for six years.

Earlier in the day, General Yahya Sarie had announced about targeting of Abha airport with an airstrike carried out by a drone of Qasef 2k type.

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In an interview with Al-Alam News TV, Abdulsalam Jahaf, Houthi activist, explained that the targets wich are hit by the Yemeni force today are, as usual, purely military targets, “they are airports used as military bases for launching hostile operations against Yemen,” he said.

He added that all of these targets are known as military targets used for military purposes, and on the contrary, the Saudi targeted women, children and innocent people in Yemen, ” that is what Saudi Arabia has been doing since the beginning of its war.”

He indicated that the response by the Yemeni forces was clear. He explained that the targets from which the bombing is carried out by the Saudi forces and the coalition on Yemen are in the range of the Yemeni Armed Forces, the Rocketry Force and the Ari Force.

“We abide by international laws and do not target civilian places as the Saudi coalition does”, Jahaf added. He pointed out that a drone, Sammad 3, accurately carried out their strikes and achieved results that the enemy had not expected.

He warned that the continued Saudi raids on the Yemeni people is the main reason for the continuation of the Yemeni strikes in the Saudi depth.