Britain escalates in comprehensive solution file

The UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, revealed on Sunday that he had ended his visit to the Omani capital, Muscat, where he met with the Omani Minister of Foreign Affairs and the head of Sana’a negotiating delegation, Muhammad Abdul Salam, as part of his efforts to push the comprehensive solution agreement.

In a short tweet on his official page on social media, Griffiths indicated that he had discussed the draft joint declaration with the two parties, which is still under study, along with the United Nations’ efforts to advance the peace process in Yemen.

Griffiths’ announcement coincided with the failure of Saudi moves to advance the file of Riyadh Agreement by forming a new government between Hadi and STC in preparation for an expected escalation against the international efforts led by Britain, which carries the Yemeni file in the Security Council, with the aim of launching a comprehensive peace process in Yemen.

Earlier, sources in Sana’a spoke on fundamental observations in Griffiths’ peace proposals, due to a dangerous gap that gives Saudi Arabia the right to move war and peace in Yemen.

Among the observations made is that the proposals do not address the comprehensive siege imposed on Yemen, which was imposed 6 years ago, along with others that do not lead to an end to the war.

Griffiths pre-empted his visit to Amman by forcing the coalition to allow a group of fuel ships that Saudi Arabia has been holding for months to enter Hodeidah port, amid continuing fuel crisis in Sana’a regions.