Mohsen anticipates his lay off by arranging his status and staff diplomatically

Ali Mohsen made on Thursday new appointments in the diplomatic field of “legitimacy” that included his most prominent close associates, including his personal guards, in a step that reveals the old man’s surrender to pressures on removing him from his office,In conjunction with Saudi pressure to push for a new government formation, that ends his influence on it.

The recent appointments process, according to diplomatic sources, included the appointment of his son Gebran as director of relations at the Yemeni consulate in Jeddah and his personal companion, Muhammad Al-Masoudi, as responsible for security in the Yemeni embassy in Riyadh.. He also appointed his office manager Ibrahim Al-Shami and his deputy, Abdul Latif, with the rank of ambassadors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

sources reported that Mohsen, the director of his fund, Ali Suleiman, as financial official at the Foreign Ministry, in addition to appoint the son of his special Qat seller,Muhammad Qanaf al-Qahit, a commercial attaché at the Yemeni embassy in Ethiopia, his son-in-law Ayoub al-Fadhli as deputy of the military attaché in one of the Yemeni embassies and his relative Ahmed, a military attaché at the Yemeni embassy in Bahrain.

Ali Mohsen’s steps reflect his fears of turning his page, especially after stripping him his influence over the new expected government to be formed between STC and Hadi and the parity between north and south, in addition to the Saudi-Emirati tendency towards appointing a compatible deputy,  transferring Hadi’s powers to him in the context of Saudi efforts to reorganize “legitimacy” under the name of Riyadh Agreement.

Ali Mohsen had recently concluded a deal with Sana’a outside the coalition framework and Switzerland’s negotiations for prisoners, which resulted in releasing Mohsen’s son, who was residing in Sana’a.

For more than four decades, Mohsen has been controlling the processes of appointment in successive governments, including those were under Saleh’s authority while keeping his relatives away from the government, he kept sub-directing, but his race for time to appoint his close relatives and companions this time confirms that he has become isolated and faces an ambiguous fate.