Intensified conflict near Bab al-Mandab threatens “international navigation”

Arab newspaper considered the goal of erupted battles between Islah forces and STC in Tor-AlBaha district in Lahij province as a conflict threaten the international shipping and aims to control Bab al-Mandab.

The Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper said, in a report, that the power struggle between the pro-Emirati militias and the “Islah Party” is from the fronts of the western districts of Taiz overlooking Bab al-Mandab, to the western gate of the international strait in Tor-AlBaha district.

The confrontations that raged over the past few days, if expanded would threaten the international shipping in Bab al-Mandab, and would restore “Islah ” plan to encircle the city of Aden from Lahij province to the fore.And after penetrated during the past two months, to a number of province directorates, such as AlQabbaytah,Al-Maqatirah,

Hayfan and AlTurbah,“Islah” militia tended to escalate in the district of Tor Al-Baha, the capital of Sabiha, that fall in the scope of all districts of Bab al-Mandab, Mayyun Island, al-Mudharabah, Ras al-Ara and Dhu Bab, most of them are large coastal areas that allow those who control them to approach Al-Anad military base from the east, and the city of Aden from the south.

Added that the new escalation in Tor Al-Baha comes within the framework of “Islah” plan to control Bab al-Mandab Strait and restore Taiz city and its port from the grip of Pro- UAE militias. it is the second and important step in the course of the pro-coalition militias’ conflict after the “Islah” took control of all strategic heights in western districts of Taiz, last month.

Although the military preparations between “Islah” and “STC” in the western gate of Bab al-Mandab began a month ago on the border strip between the provinces of Taiz and Lahij, while intensified recently in Tor Al-Baha district, which has become an open battlefield between the two parties. The recent military developments came in the wake of “Islah” militia incursion into the depth of Al-Baha, and its expansion from areas close to Al-Anad military base and a mountain range overlooking on the international strait. This military expansion coincided with similar tension between the two parties in a number of contact areas, such as Al-Maqatirah and Hayfan, but it considered the most dangerous.

The report indicated that the convergence of interests between Saudi Arabia and Islah to wrest control of the pro-Emirati forces over Bab al-Mandab Strait gave Islah the green light to extend and control Tor Al-Baha district.