How UAE spreads chaos in Yemen

Turkish TRT World channel said that Emiratis see the south as a settlement outpost to impose its control over Gulf and Iran, while they are inviting “Israel” to Yemen for the sake of their goal.

The Turkish English-language channel indicated that south of Yemen is the most place where UAE and its armed militias carried out executions to democracy.

It said that UAE, through its support for STC south of Yemen, aims to control the region in the shape of letter U “extending from Red Sea to Gulf through the Indian Ocean, and is seeking to secure an alternative shipping route in if Iran, Abu Dhabi’s enemy closes the Gulf from hostile forces amid the escalation of tensions”.

TRT World indicated that UAE has managed to control strategic coastal points that include important ports such as Balhaf and Nashtun near the Red Sea in south of Yemen.

It confirmed that Abu Dhabi brought its Zionist ally to the region after the normalization agreement, which allowed them to establish spy bases in south of Yemen and the strategy of Socotra in the Indian Ocean.

The Turkish channel pointed out that UAE’s division for Yemen will benefit Israel, as it can show its strength and use this weak state to review its foreign policy.

it revealed that “one of the notable mediators of the normalization agreement with UAE, the American Puerto Rican General Miguel Correa, who is currently a special adviser to the White House, and was a defense attaché at the US embassy in Abu Dhabi, in 2017,” adding that Correa was the key figure in rescuing his son-in-law, and the nephew of the actual leader of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ), from a failed mission in Yemen, through a complex intercontinental operation carried out by the United States, the Emirati prince, who was injured during an operation in Yemen, was evacuated from the scene of the accident by American Special forces”.

It reiterated, “both UAE and Israel have prominent common goals throughout Yemen, one of which is their resistance to the rise of movements associated with the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East.