After Islah attacks…STC send new reinforcements to Lahj

The leadership of southern transitional council (STC) sent on Wednesday new military reinforcements to Lahj province, sources said.

The STC sent military reinforcements to their militants in the ninth brigade in Tawr al-Baha district due to Islah threats to invade the district, which is the northern gateway to Aden city.

According to the sources, the commander of the ninth brigade of the southern militiamen, Faroq al-Kaaloly said that “Whoever wants to return Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar to al-Maashiq palace in Aden is considered delusional”.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Islah militants attacked the sites of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)militia, using various types of weapons, in Lahj province, south of Yemen, sources said.

The sources affirmed that Islah militants backed by Saudi-backed and exiled Hadi government forces fired Katyusha rockets at the STC’s sites in Tur Al-Baha area of the province.

Meanwhile, the Saudi forces pushed military reinforcements to the Islah military axis, through Sabiha area in the same province, in cooperation with the Second Giants Brigade led by Hamdi Shukri Al-Subaihi.

Lahj province witnessed fierce clashes among Islah militias and the southern transitional militiamen over the past two days.