Saudi paid four billion riyals to renew battles in Taiz

A military source in the city of Taiz disclosure, on Tuesday, that The Saudi-led coalition has paid four billion riyals to its factions to renew the battles in Taiz province.

The sources indicated that the leaders of the Taiz Axis loyal to the coalition resumed their military operations on the eastern fronts during the past days, after they received the amount for more than two months by the coalition leadership as part of a plan to liberate the city.

The sources added that the Axis Command conducted military skirmishes on the eastern front of the city, in conjunction with an escalation of the media to ease the pressure by the coalition.

The sources confirmed that “there are no military strategic plans to liberate Taiz, noting that the leaders of the axis are still trading in the blood of the sons of Taiz for their financial and partisan interests.”

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