Repercussions of Girls Abduction… Security Arrests and Incites Against the Displaced

UAE-backed transitional factions continued their confusion in dealing with the phenomenon of kidnapping girls in Aden, south of Yemen, in a move described as an attempt to alleviate the media attack, ignoring the seriousness of the phenomenon and its repercussions on the social fabric in a conservative society.

Aden Security Administration summoned the parents of two girls who were kidnapped, one called Abeer Badr and the other, Wala’a Rabi`, hours later, after a security official threatened by “prostitution” in an attempt to silence the families who demanded to know the fate of their kidnapped daughters for months ago.

Abu Bakr Jaber, Deputy Director of Aden Security, said that the summon was to investigate with parents on charges of promoting the abduction of their daughters and disturbing the security authorities, pointing that the administration has evidence  that the two girls were not subjected to kidnapping, although the fate of the girl, Abeer Badr, has not yet been revealed and confirmed the return of Wala’a Rabi to her family.

Despite Jabr hinting at what he described as “special relations”, standing behind these issues, challenging the validity of the victims’ honour, said that his administration would not publish the contents of the investigations in order to preserve the families’ honour.

In the context, STC websites quoted from a source from the family of Abeer Badr, saying that they received a new call from the kidnappers confirming that their daughter was transferred to Sana’a and asking them not to inform the authorities of Aden and Sana’a about this, and the kidnappers asked her father to negotiate.

These statements coincide with STC activists beginning to publish videos of displaced youth from Hodeida in which they say that they have been arrested by the security of Aden for their involvement in the crimes of kidnapping girls and children from the city under the control of STC, In which the displaced are subjected to continuous harassment campaigns since the control of STC factions who call for southern secession in 2015.

These developments come at a time when reports spoke on STC’s pressure on Ahmed Lamlas, the new governor, to issue a decision to prevent the entry of displaced persons to Aden. Tightening the people movements from the Northern provinces in the city. This indicate to the STC factions intend to hold the displaced the repercussions of what is happening in the city from the chaos of its armed men.

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