“Booby-traps”… Aden entering the danger stage

The UAE Security Belt factions announced, on Sunday, that they thwarted a car bomb attack in Aden, targeting security and military officials, in a move that may reinforce fears that the chaos in the city is a prelude to a more dangerous situation that paves the way to bring down the city from within.

The Security Belt did not specify the details of the operation, but only indicated that the foiling was based on an accurate intelligence operation.

The security belt’s declaration came hours after activists circulated information about arresting cell of security belt’s members, by Aden security on charges of spreading chaos in Aden, impersonating security personnel, coinciding with the security announcement, whose members belong to Al- Dhale, new information about the return of Wala’a Wadih to her family’s home “without details” and the arrest of those accused of kidnapping the girl Abeer Badr.

It remains unclear how accurate the operation, which was described as “terrorist”, whether the declaration is an attempt to confront the criticisms targeting the security belt that form Yafa’ tribal militants, after seizing its recruits, or whether it actually occurred. However, it reinforced the growing fears in Aden, which has witnessed unprecedented chaos in the past few days, after the spread of the corpses and the armed attacks on citizens and kidnapping girls, the recent incidents may just a prelude to major operations such as assassinations and car bombs that the city has not yet recovered from its nightmares, where those consider what is happening in Aden as organized operations based on the theory of chaos that attempts to portray events as crimes and insecurity.

Since Ahmed Lamlas son of Shabwah’s province took over the position of Aden governor weeks ago, and begun measures to combat chaos and corruption, Aden is going through its worst nightmares, especially in light of the faltering efforts of Saudi Arabia to push the STC to allow the return of the new security director, Muhammad Al-Hamdi, as successor to Shallal Shaya.

Using the security belt to maintain security in Aden and make changes to its leadership with the aim of removing Shaya rug from the security of Aden. Not to mention the empowerment of another faction known as “Al Asifah” to carry out the tasks of removing the informal settlements in the mountains overlooking Aden, after news that Tariq Saleh had settled snipers there. Amidst the transitional fears that it would enter the line to bring down Aden from the inside, especially in light of tighten control of national security led by Ammar Saleh on the security hinges of the city.

In addition to the conflict between the transitional components and the poles of the Emirates in Aden, Hadi and Islah are strongly present in the city through affiliated factions wearing the southern flag and waiting for the decisive moment to disturb the situation from the inside, especially in light of the mobilization on the northern and eastern outskirts of Aden, specifically in Lahij and Abyan.

There are several parties involved in the chaos of Aden, and they have one goal over the city, is the struggle over a city that all agree to call it the “capital” , so the inhabitants of the peace city as it has been known for decades, remain a victim and fuel for everything that being hatched whose people seem to be pawns in this conflict game..