170 doctors fired from Coronavirus treatment center in Hadhramaut

Dozens of workers at the Coronavirus (COVID-19) treatment center in Hadhramaut province were fired.

Doctors working at Dr. Riad al-Jariri Hospital staged a vigil on Sunday to denounce the arbitrarily decision to dispense with health workers.

The protesters described the decision as arbitrary and unfair, stressing that Hadhramaut is one of the provinces has been the most severely affected by the Covid-19.

Last week, the Hadhramaut Health Office issued an administrative decision to lay off the 170-medical staff.

The decision to cancel the contracts of staff at the Viruses Hospital in The Falk area of Mukalla follows the announcement by the Health Office about departure of last patient infected with coronavirus from the hospital

The protest of the doctors was met with widespread sympathy in Hadhrami street, especially as the province continues to suffer from the spread of other types of diseases.