Sana’a released a prisoner of legitimacy from Saudi prisons

Private sources revealed that among the freed prisoners of Sana’a forces was a prisoner of Hadi forces the pro-coalition, who had been thrown in Saudi prisons since mid-2015.

Sources said that prisoner, Hasan Muhammad Al-Shawi, from Al-Shajan area in Al-Jawf province, was a member of the sixth military region of Hadi forces and participated in the battles against Sana’a forces since the beginning of the war.

sources revealed that the forces of Amin al-Waili, who was then commander of the Sixth Military Region of Hadi in 2015,arrested  Hassan Al-Shawi, and there was differences between Al-Shawi and other members of Hadi’s forces, whom used that as a justification for his arrest on the charge of being with houthis, noting that after his arrest, he was transferred to Safer, where his car was confiscated there and then deported him to Saudi Arabia, and remained detained in Saudi prisons. The latter refused to release him despite Hadi forces’ demands in official warrants for his release, as his arrest was a mistake.

The details of the documented story with pictures of official documents reveal that the sending of Hadi’s forces to the coalition during the past five years to release him, as he was arrested by mistake and through false accusations, did not work and Riyadh refused to release him.

Activists on social media, from the prisoner relatives, said that his father died while awaiting the release of his son from Saudi prisons, stressing that the campaigns carried out by the “legitimate” media did not move his case file.

The prisoner Al Shawi remained detained in Saudi prisons, until he was released today, after Sana’a authorities included his name in the list of their prisoners’ lists in the last deal, as an initiative in consideration of his human condition, and the prisoner Al-Shawi arrived at Sana’a airport today as part of the released prisoners of Sana’a forces.

Daily Yemen obtained two documents, the first of which is a military memorandum from the Sixth Military Region Command to the Chief of Staff of Hadi Forces, asking him to address the relevant authorities of Saudi-Emirati coalition regarding the soldier Hassan Al Shawi, where the warrant confirmed that he was arrested on false suspicion, and that their reliable sources confirmed that he had nothing to do with the accusation of cooperating with Houthi.

Daily Yemen also obtained a picture of a message from Al-Shawi that he had sent via Red Cross and sent it to his family in 2016, in which he wrote: “I am imprisoned in Saudi Arabia in Khamis Mushait, I was arrested by Amin Al-Waili, I had a year and three months of injustice and my Vitara car was confiscated in Safer.