ICRC delegation arrives Sana’a to start of prisoner exchange process

An international delegation from ICRC arrived in Sana’a, on Wednesday, at a time when the latter is awaiting the start of prisoner exchange process, which is expected to be implemented Thursday in accordance with Switzerland agreement.

The mission of the team that was expecting to start arrangements to implement the deal is not known yet.

head of prisoners’ committee in Sana’a negotiating delegation, Dr. Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada, revealed late at Tuesday evening, on new obstacles regarding arrangements of implementing the deal, which includes about 1,420 prisoners from both sides.

Al-Murtada said in a post on his tweeter account that the other party in an indication to coalition and Hadi government are “not ready to implement the deal” pointing to their continuation in creating excuses and obstacles aiming to foil the deal as he said, calling UN to put an end to this practice.


Sana’a and coalition delegation reached before weeks to an agreement in Geneva demanding to implement the deal that it would bring a breakthrough for the imposed war on Yemen six years ago, and may pave the way for a political solution despite Saudi Arabia’s attempt through the coalition’s spokesperson, to humanize the operation, which includes about 15 of its soldiers, in order to disavow any subsequent obligations.