UAE forces deploy naval patrols in Socotra

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) forces launched, on Wednesday, regular naval patrols as part of militarization of the Yemeni island of Socotra, Yemen News Portal reported, based on local sources.

This coincides with the completion of the construction of the largest naval base in the west of the island.

According to local sources, the UAE forces managing director on the island, Khalfan al-Mazroui, has directed the deployment of “naval cruisers” to monitor the territorial waters.

They noted that the deployment took place in the presence of the commander of the UAE factions on the island, Brig. Gen. Abdullah al-Soqadri.

The military boats were tasked with small and fast naval boats intercepting ships and keeping them off the coast of the island and monitoring the seas in anticipation of what they described as “hostilities and sabotage.”

The deployment of the” military boats” comes days after the UAE completed the construction of its military base in “Ras Qattainan” region in the west of the island, which aims to control international navigation through the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea to the Gulf of Aden.