Report: number of direct victims of women and children reached 13,074

Tragic Reality for Women, Children in Yemen due to war, Siege on Yemen.

The total number of direct victims from women and children who were documented until the ninth of October of this year reached 13074, A report released by the Entesaf Organization for Woman and Child Rights said.

The report revealed the tragic reality woman and children in Yemen during the years of the Saudi war and siege on Yemen.

The report explained that the total number of victims of the war from direct bombardment amounted to 5183 killed and injured women, while the total number of victims of direct raids against children reached 7891, killed and injured.

It noted that hundreds of health facilities concerned with women and children threatened with closure as a result of the war’s continued prevention of oil derivatives off the port of Hodeidah.

The organization emphasized that a major humanitarian disaster against women and children is looming on the horizon, with the Saudi coalition tightening its suffocating siege on the Yemeni People and preventing the entry of oil derivatives and the simplest foundations of life.

In the field of education, Entesaf organization indicated that the Saudi coalition has affected nearly two million students by targeting educational facilities, directly and indirectly.