Emirati- Islahi raced to control Balhaf

UAE sends military reinforcements to Belhaf port in Shabwa day after Islah militants' approach the port.

The UAE forces sent on Tuesday military reinforcements accompanied by Apache helicopters to Belhaf port in Shabwa province, a local source said.

The source confirmed that UAE military force from al-Hamraa camp in al-Mukala city.

The source declared that armored and military vehicles belonging to Shabwanian elite militias accompanied by two Apache helicopters.

The military UAE moved towards Belhaf port, amid an unprecedented mobilization in Barashid in Maifaa and Sharj Bin Talib area.

On Monday, Islah militants prevented a heavy Emirati force from entering the al-Balhaf facility in Shabwah province, eastern Yemen.

According to the sources, al-Islah militants, led by Abed Rabbo Lakaab, have imposed a suffocating siege on the port of Balhaf, amid military tension that can explode at any moment.

The sources confirmed that the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) attempted to bring military equipment by force of arms into the port, which has been under its control since the second half of 2016.

They pointed out that the UAE-backed militias deployed on the walls of the Balhaf facility, in preparation for any military attack.

The Islah militants have earlier sent military reinforcements and created new sites and anchors in front of the gate of the Balhaf facility, according to the sources.