Kuwait recognizes Sana’a authority

A Member of the Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, posted a brief and mysterious tweet on Saturday, ignited social networking sites at the level of Yemen and the surrounding Regional area.

The brief tweet included the following: “An upcoming diplomatic act”. The views of activists and observers differed about the upcoming diplomatic work that would worry the Saudi-UAE alliance, so it became clear today that the diplomatic work was by opening a semi-official diplomatic channel between the State of Kuwait and Sana’a Authority.

However, this official diplomatic channel is still undeclared until this moment, despite Kuwait’s deliberate to refer to it, through the dissemination of Kuwait News Agency and then the Kuwaiti TV, two separate stories, recognizing the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a government.

Where the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry received congratulations from the Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a government, Hisham Sharaf Abdullah on the occasion of Prince Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah assuming the reins of power in Kuwait. The Kuwait News Agency published a news of this congratulation, and hours later, the official Kuwait TV published the same news.

Perhaps what confirms that Kuwait did not publish the news in the agency and television by mistake, is what was included in the two published news of congratulations that Emir of Kuwait responded to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a government with a reply message in which he offered his thanks and appreciation for the minister’s feelings on the one hand and wished all progress and prosperity to the brotherly Republic of Yemen.


Although Kuwait returned and deleted the news from the agency on the second day from its publication, but the remarkable thing is Kuwait intended to publish the two news in the aim of conveying a political message to the region, states that Kuwait’s policy towards Yemen will change from now on, in favor of Sana’a government, which has proven during the past five and a half years of war that it is more appropriate to represent Yemen and Yemeni people.