22 strikes on five provinces within 24 hours

The Saudi-led coalition’s aircrafts targeted on Saturday separate areas in five Yemeni provinces with 22 air raids, a security source in Sana’a said.

In Marib, seven strikes hit Madghal district, three ones attacked Sirwah district and two others targeted Rahba district, the source declared.

In Saada, the coalition’s warplanes waged six raids on al-Faraa area of Kutaf district and a strike on Baqim district, the source added.

The fighter jets launched three raids on Radman district of Baidha province, Labnat area in al-Hazm district of Jawf province and on al-Mazraq area of Haradh district in Hajjah province.

In Jawf province, in Khab Washaaf district, the warplane launched three airstrikes on al-Mahashema while launched three others on al-Sawh in Najran and an airstrike on Majazah al-Sharqia in Asir region.

In Sana’a province, The Saudi coalition”s warplane carried out an airstrike on Hamdan district, as well as targeted by four raids Mahilyah and two raids on Al-Abdiyah districts and Majzar of Marib.