Saudi Arabia deports Hadi fighters from its border

Saudi step comes with an international push for secret negotiations between Sana'a and Riyadh through Britain.

Saudi Arabia began on Wednesday, arrangements to expel the rest of Hadi’s forces from the southern border with Yemen, after nine months of cutting their salaries and stopping food from them.

The advisor in Hadi’s embassy in Riyadh, Anis Mansour, revealed that a Saudi committee had arrived at the border, where it met with the leaders of the brigades that known as “Al-Aorobah, Al-Fateh and Al-Asifah, indicating that the committee offered to pay two months’ salaries to the members of these brigades, in exchange to deportation to their country.

The source indicated that the committee has already begun preparing lists of Al-Fateh and Al-Asifah districts in preparation for their deportation after their leaders agreed on the Saudi offer despite its ignoring for the prisoners of these factions. Meanwhile, Al-Aorobah Brigade rose his demands asking the entitlements of its members, even though Saudi Arabia granted it an additional privilege to join its forces with Hadi’s forces in Marib province, on the condition that the rest of the dues are not paid, unlike the rest of the factions.

Mansour reported on new tension between the Saudi forces and the Al-Aorobah Brigade, which had previously demonstrated several times.

Saudi Arabia has deported earlier this year, the brigadier of the Special Forces Brigade led by Adel Al-Musabi, and take him back to Aden.

Mansour considered this Saudi step comes with an international push for secret negotiations between Sana’a and Riyadh through Britain.