fuel crisis in Aden due to military protests

The indicators of the new fuel crisis began to appear on Tuesday in the port city of Aden, which is under the control of Saudi-led coalition, due to the escalation of military retirees’ protests in the city.

This came after a number of petroleum stations refrained from supplying cars with fuel, in addition to the high price of domestic gas cylinders, which exceeds 6,500 riyals per cylinder.

A local source in the city stated that the military protestors set up tents for sit-ins in front of the oil port gate in Al-Buraiqa district, west of the city, which prevented the exit of oil derivatives trucks.

The protesters set up other tents in front of the roads leading to the container port, in addition to ‘Caltex’ junction in Al-Mansoura district, the source added.

Hundreds of southern soldiers have been camping outside the gate of the coalition forces headquarters in Al-Buraiqa district, since the beginning of last July, to demand the payment of their salaries suspended for eight months.