Aden: STC reassures merchants while Saudi Arabia pressuring to disperse military sit-in

Saudi Arabia rejected on Tuesday, STC’s recent threats in Aden, simultaneously with the escalation of southern military to take the city down.

Sources in STC revealed on Saudi pressure on STC to disperse a military sit-in stationed in front of its forces’ camp in Al-Buraiqeh more than two and a half months ago, noting that Saudi Arabia put STC in front of two options, either ending the sit-in or facing consequences of further deterioration.

STC had given Hadi government until the end of this month to solve the problem of the soldiers who have been demanding their salaries, which have been suspended for months.

Ahmed Bin Break head of self-management threatened during his meeting with the leadership body of STC to take steps in response to Hadi’s government rejection to implement Riyadh agreement and forming new government and fulfill its obligations, accusing Hadi’s government of continuing to hinder STC in Aden.

STC moves indicates to the trouble size that the pro-UAE council expose to, who formally received the province management amid militaries pressures.

Ahmed Lemles, the governor of STC in Aden, met before hours the members of chamber of Commerce in Aden where he reassured them on the situation and to preserve their interests, this came after the Supreme Military Authority of Security and Southern Army threatened to take control on the grain mills of Hayel Saeed and Al-Ruwaishan Group, as part of a plan to bring down Aden, in which the authority began with controlling Aden port.

On the same level, the new commander of the security belt, Jalal al-Rubaie, threatened to strike with steel against all those he described as “saboteurs”.

The statement was the first of its kind for al-Rubaie, who was the belt commander in Lahij province.

Recent developments indicate that STC, which is making changes at all levels in Aden, is heading to disperse the military sit-in, which means it will enter into trouble with the southern factions deployed in Aden and endanger its future.