Sana’a reveals details of prisoners’ agreement

Head of the Sana’a Committee for Prisoners Affairs Abdulqader al-Mortada on Sunday revealed the details of the agreement of the Swiss Montreux negotiations on the exchange of prisoners with the other party.

Al-Mortada confirmed, on his Twitter account, that the outputs of the Geneva negotiations agreement included the implementation of the first part of the Amman Agreement.

“The agreement includes the release of 680 prisoners of the army and the popular committees and 400 prisoners of the other side, including 15 Saudi prisoners and 4 Sudanese,” he said.

He added that a new meeting would be held after the implementation to implement the second part of the Amman Agreement and expand it to include new numbers of prisoners.

In this regard, Al-Mortada indicated that the agreement is an important step to break the ice after four rounds of negotiations in the prisoner exchange file.

He explained in a statement to Al-Masirah TV that the executive plan is supervised by the International Committee of the Red Cross and would start on October 15 through flights from Riyadh, Aden and Marib to Sana’a and vice versa.