A military expert explains why Saudi Arabia lost against Yemen

The Arabic edition today’s opinion issued from London devoted a devastating article to Saudi activities in Yemen, and published its translation on InoSMI.

The reason for its publication was the defeat of Saudi army in Najran region recently, and a video was posted on Internet showing the seizing of armored vehicles and hundreds of prisoners.

Writer Abdul Sattar Qassem admits that this footage reminded him by the war of 1967 (in the sense of the conflict between Israel and the alliance of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Algeria) then the Arab forces surrendered almost without a fight.

“I did not see the battle on the front line but rather a military chaos – where the officers and commanders were absent. The armored vehicles left the combat zone and were surrounded by Yemenis the soldiers were unable to find shelter. It appears that they did not receive military training and they did not have fights experience in difficult circumstances. Shooting was carried out randomly and without a target which indicates to the weakness of Saudi’s intelligence activity and the inability of the Military Intelligence to provide the necessary data.

Regarding to the rich war spoils of Houthis, the expert mocks that America “exports” its weapons to Yemen and Iran, despite Saudi Arabia. The author believes that these failures attest to the “superiority of mind and will over muscles. “The military potential of Saudi Arabia, which spends billions of dollars annually on European and American weapons, is incomparable to that in Yemen.

At first Houthis confronted, their enemies with primitive means, and Saudis were quick to declare an early victory, but at the end, we sank into a five-year war.

The expert mocking at the assumption that Iran organized the attack on Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities. He has no doubt that Houthis implemented the attack independently, and simply the kingdom does not have the courage to admit that a weak opponent like this has overtaken them.

Everything is clear: Yemenis have used their weakness and lack of military equipment as an opportunity to develop their capabilities based on the concept of self-sufficiency, and following this concept requires two basic things: reason and will. If there is scientific thinking, rationality and composure prevail.

Abdul Sattar Qassem concludes that Saudi Arabia will not win Yemen even if America goes to war. The only exit for Saudis is to sit at the negotiating table.

He concludes that, “concede defeat is better than suicide”.