Sana’a: 41 suicide attacks, 302 sabotage plans deterred over 2,000 days

The pro-Houthis Ministry of Interior announced, on Saturday, that they had thwarted 41 suicide operations of takfirist elements of Al-Qaeda and ISIS organizations during 2,000 days of Saudi-led coalition war on Yemen.

During that period, the Sana’a security forces had seized 2,573 criminal elements, and thwarted 302 plans by the Saudi coalition aimed at destabilizing security and stability, according to Spokesman of the Interior Ministry, Brigadier General Abdulkhaleq Al-Ajri.

According to the spokesman, 1,483 explosive devices planted by elements of the Saudi coalition in the streets, markets, and in front of schools and public facilities were discovered and defused.

During the same period, the ministry carried out 668 operations of seizing weapons in possession of elements of the Saudi coalition.

Among those achievements were the completion of 342 cases of currency counterfeiting and 64,203 criminal cases, as well as 6,015 successful operations of recovering stolen items and handing them over to their owners.

Brig. Gen. Al-Ajri indicated that the coalition is continuously striving to target the life and security of the Yemeni citizen and spread chaos and crime in all province of the Republic of Yemen. He affirmed the Saudi-led coalition’s support for terrorist groups and criminal gangs to achieve its satanic goal.