UAE established military bases in Socotra: Hadi’s gov’t declares

Mohammed Qizan, undersecretary of the information ministry of Hadi’s government, admitted on Wednesday that the UAE had begun establishing military bases and holding large areas of lands on the strategic Socotra Archipelago.

“The UAE’s ambitions and objectives from its participation in the Arab coalition have appeared through controlling Yemeni ports and islands, and its support for many militias that seek secession and are not subject to the state control,” Anadolu Agency quoted Qizan as saying.

Qizan revealed that Abu Dhabi operates a number of Emirati flights every week carrying foreign experts without the knowledge of Hadi’s government or granting them an entry visa to Yemeni lands.

He indicated that the UAE has seized large areas of the Socotra archipelago’s lands, and is preventing citizens from reaching these places.

Qizan mocked the Hadi government’s claim that it controls 80 percent of the Yemeni lands, while it cannot return to a province from those provinces under its control, as it claims.

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UAE establish military base in Socotra