Anssarallah spokesperson unveils secrets of US-Israeli war on Yemen

“Israel” has participated in the "aggression" against Yemen since the first day," Abdulsalam said.

Mohammed Abdulsalam, Spokesman of Yemen’s Anssarallah Movement said, on Tuesday, that US, Saudi and UAE regime went to the option of war on Yemen, “because they realized that Yemen is going to independence,” stressing that “Israel” entity is participating in the war by Saudi and UAE funds.

During an interview with Nabaa TV, he said that Americans realized that they could not control the leadership of the September 21 revolution, or ride its wave,”Before the September 21 revolution, pointing that there were more than 120 American Marines inside the American embassy in Sana’a, they also control Al-Anad base in Aden.”

Abdulsalam added, ” September 21 revolution was established with blood, and today it is stronger and more solid,” pointing out that Yemen’s steadfastness during six  years of war gives a military, political, popular and historical lessons that will be talked about in the future.

He pointed out that Yemen at the beginning of the war did not possess the ability to determine specific locations nor to manufacture a drone and missile; nevertheless, the Yemeni people absorbed the shock of the war. Today, the military divisions of the missile force, air defense, drones and others are adopting many capabilities.

Anssarallah spokesperson and head of Sana’a delegation in the political negotiations added that “Saudi Arabia today is in trouble, and our people, despite the crisis, are in an honorable position, standing with Palestine and its rejection to Israel and US arrogance, is an evidence on the dignity that it possesses.

He pointed that if there was no September 21 revolution, the Americans would have worked to make Yemen among the countries that normalize with the Israel.

Head of Sana’a delegation said: “Israel” has participated in the “aggression” against Yemen since the first day, and we have received messages through mediators that one of the missiles that targeted “Yanbu” Netanyahu sees it as a strategic threat to “Israel”.

He explained that the entity will not move to a war in the region as long as Saudi and UAE regimes are fighting for it and paying millions instead of it, reiterating that “history does not speak about traitors except as worst as possible, and those who were dropped into the hug of the Israeli enemy will become in a very absurd position.”