What are coalition prepare on the eastern coast of Yemen? 

Nothing will prevent UAE from imposing its agenda on Socotra island as long as it has become a partner of Israel, and with the complicity of "legitimacy power" itself.

The Yemeni provinces at the extension of eastern coast,, and the strategic site in the gulf transformed during the past days to a workshop for Saudi-UAE coalition with US participation, in an indication on arrangements of some kind, the most dangerous of all are international reports that talk about efforts to abort this oil crescent from its mother country and share its revenues, so what is going on?

The cities of this Yemeni region apparently are drowning in the chaos of growing conflict due to influence and the basic needs of the people, which suddenly collapsed and without warning.

Hadhramaut was the largest city in the region and the most important provinces of Yemen, until recently, it was the calmest ever, however, during the past hours it turned into an open arena for confrontation, its title is people’s demands for electricity and the governor’s fear of dropping him, prompting him to mobilize the maximum forces and eliminate any movements in Mukalla.

From afar “legitimacy” forces peek at this situation, and Al-Bahsani reached its backyard, whether in Aden or Marib.

This situation would not has happened except UAE abandoned suddenly on the project to finance Hadhramaut electricity, which was taking in exchange exorbitant sums.

In Shabwah the situation seems more complicated in light of Islah grip, which prevents citizens even from whining due to the suffering of power cuts that reach more than 18 hours a day. However, it appears that the province is heading towards a military confrontation in light of mutual mobilizations, the last of which was the opening of Islah party the gate of child recruitment.

All indications on the ground indicate that this combination of chaos and citizens’ exhaustion from the situation is the creation of coalition and it aims to camouflage UAE and Saudi Arabia movements in the far eastern tip of Yemen, as UAE continued to send more military espionage techniques to  Socotra island via daily cruises, even Saudi Arabia, the most prominent ally that has deployed its forces on the island, is raising doubts.

Nothing will prevent UAE from imposing its agenda on this island as long as it has become a partner of Israel, and with the complicity of “legitimacy power” itself. Saudi Arabia no longer has a way but to search for other sites in this region which crashing,  it has the waves of the Arabian Sea in Aden Gulf, and the Indian Ocean, this is what the Saudi did during the last hours, by starting the construction of multiple military sites along the coastal strip of the adjacent Al-Mahrah province, according to the last statement delivered by the head of the sit-in committee, Hamid Zaanbut.

Regardless of this junior race and the growing conflict between the two allies, whether in Socotra, where pro-UAE factions stormed the port controlled by Saudi forces and unload weapons ship, or in Al Mahrah where the bodies of 4 Saudi soldiers were found dumped in the sea, they were killed in mysterious circumstances. There is an indication of an imminent danger comes to Yemen where US Navy has reinforced its forces in this region with a new battleship, in conjunction with the leakage of intelligence reports about the return of terrorist organizations to intensify their activities in the oil crescent in Yemen, specifically from Shabwah in the south to Marib in the east, passing through the provinces of Al-Baidha, Hadhramaut and Al-Jawf. This indicates that  US is planning to impose a new reality in these areas rich with resources and the strategic sites, despite the fact that most of these areas are under the control of its factions in Hadi government, specifically Islah party, especially since these moves come in parallel with international pressure to push for a comprehensive solution in Yemen through which these forces aspire to dominate again under the pretext of “guarantee”.