Clashes in Mukalla left many wounded and 20 detainees

Mukalla city,, the provincial capital of Hadhramaut province, east of Yemen, witnessed, on Sunday, clashes between the pro-Emirati governor forces and angry people due to the power outages, indicating that the oil province, and the most important geographically and strategically, has entered a new turn.

Medical sources said that at least five people were wounded due to the dispersal of governor’s guard. Protesters blocked the streets in Al-Salam neighborhood and intercepted Farag al-Bahsani’s convoy.

Local source confirmed the detaining of Hadrami elite factions of more than 20 young men participating in the protests against the deterioration of electricity service in Mukalla, which reached 18 hours a day.

Hadhramaut, known as the city of peace, is witnessing a popular uproar, prompting the governor earlier to declare a state of emergency and prevent any protests after they were demonized by talking about plots being hatched against the province.

For the first time, the conflicting forces in the legitimacy were silent about what is happening despite their agreement to incite and overthrow the governor during the past few days.

All parties are carefully awaiting to what is going on in Hadhramaut in a hope that the governor will be subjected to it, especially all of them participate in the electricity suffering where Hadi government refuse to finance the power stations in light of the Hadrami forces’ refusal to return to Riyadh negotiations under the wing of Hadi and Ali Mohsen, Meanwhile, UAE refuse to rescue Al-Bahsaini who has just returned from UAE in a hope to declare his loyalty to the transitional in Aden.

Recent developments indicate that the governor, who has a large military force stationed in Mukalla, is trying to get out from the dilemma in a province produces nearly half a million barrels of oil per day, and along with the military fist, Al-Bahsaini has summoned Egyptian experts to assess the electricity situation in a hope to calm the fiery street.