Saudi Arabia knocking the Russian gate for help in Yemen

Saudi Arabia expanded its contacts around Yemen to include this time, Russia. This comes at a time when Saudi Arabia is suffering from an unenviable situation and it is about to lose the war on Yemen finally, with the advance of Sana’a forces in Marib and the failure of their attempts to gather its factions from Aden at a table in Riyadh, amid great reliance on the upcoming negotiations in Sweden to give them a chance to catch their breath.

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Adel al-Jubeir contacted during the past days , with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, and discussed with him developments in Yemen, according to what was reported by the Saudi official news agency “SPA”.

These contacts are an extension of three days of intense moves for the Saudi minister, included Arab countries such as Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Djibouti, and Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Senegal, in parallel with British-American and European Union moves that emerged during previous contacts with officials in Hadi’s government.

unlike the rest of the countries that issued support statements, for Saudi Arabia and demanded Sanaa’s forces to stop liberation of Marib, Russia appeared in a disturbed situation from Saudi Arabia and reflects its sympathy with it, as Russian media reported that Lavrov called on Riyadh to respect the interests of countries and understand the concerns of local and regional parties from their movements and facilitate relief operations and engage in new negotiations. In an indication that Russia, which recently fought a conflict with Saudi Arabia in the global oil market and the resulting price collapse, Russia is still indignant at bin Salman’s actions, especially in light of the US-Israeli moves under the cover of war alliance on Yemen to establish military bases that disrupt international balances against the Russian-Chinese axis.

Saudi Arabia is trying, through its recent contacts, to collect international pressure, in order to push for comprehensive peace process even to its factions in Hadi government in order to force them to accept the proposals of UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths, in a hope to achieve a breach in the upcoming negotiations within the next two days, in the Swiss capital, Geneva in preparation for a truce agreement, it stops the attack on Marib, as stated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.

Although the prospective negotiations, according to Abdul Malik Al-Ajri, a member of Sana’a delegation is limited to discusses the release of prisoners, but the Russian position that reinforces the split of international consensus that Saudi Arabia has been keen over the past years to keep it united to serve its agenda in the war on Yemen through arms purchase deals and loyalties,

It also confirms a fundamental change in the major powers towards Sana’a, which lasted for six years and is now leading the battle of liberation, and transfer the battle to the depths of its enemies.

Russia’s prior awareness of Sana’a forces success in resolving the battle militarily in light of the weakness face Saudi Arabia.

Although Russia has no influence on Sana’a since its announcement of taking a neutral stance despite its repeated attempts to open communications, and Lavrov’s statements came back, Russia’s prior awareness of Sana’a forces success in resolving the battle militarily in light of the weakness face Saudi Arabia.