Official in Hadi’s gov’t. Calls Yemenis to Get Out Against Coalition

A leader in Hadi’s government called on Yemeni people in the areas under control of Saudi-UAE coalition to come out against coalition, warning that they will be soon without a homeland, revealing on a dangerous plan by UAE in Socotra to empty its population.

A member of Shura Council in Hadi’s government, Ali Hussein Al-Bujairi, said that all Hadi officials in the government must come out against Saudi coalition and end the recognition of Hadi’s legitimacy and authority, warning of a conspiracy woven around Yemen by coalition.

Al-Bujairi confirmed in a video recording that the coalition will not keep any region in Yemen to witness stability, in north or south.

In a tweet on his Twitter account, Al-Bujairi revealed on what he described as an “Emirati-Jewish conspiracy,” saying that UAE is expelling the residents of Socotra from the island by luring them with money and granting them Emirati citizenship, indicating that Abu Dhabi aims to empty the island from its residents.

Al-Bujairi said that those who respond to the lure of UAE and leave the island will not return to it again, stressing that UAE wants to hand over the island to Israel.