Huge Investments of Defense Minister in Marib 

An activist from Marib province revealed huge investment projects for defense Minister in the legitimate government, Muhammad al-Maqdishi, which he acquired it during the current war.

Activist Hussein al-Hijazi al-Jahmi said that Defense Minister Muhammad al-Maqdashi is preoccupied with “investment and real estate front,” while he attached photographs for some of the minister’s investments in Mrib city.

Among the well-known investment projects of Al-Maqdashi in Marib city is a 7-storey hotel and another still under construction, in addition to a luxurious “villa”, which cost hundreds of millions and tens of lands.

7-stars hotel owned by al-Magdashi.

According to the activist Al-Jahmi, the defense minister owns the largest oil agency in Saudi Arabia, along with real estate in Jordan.

Al-Jahmi said, on his Facebook account, “While the heroes are setting out heroic epics on all fronts, Al-Maqdashi was preoccupied with investment and real estate front.”

He continued: “In front of you in the picture is a hotel under construction, and there are other hotels, as well as (villa) that cost hundreds of millions. He added: “As for Louvre Hotel, this is a state of wealth acquired through corrupt at the time of fronts.”

defense Minister’s home in the city of Marib.

He pointed out that Major General Al-Shadadi was killed while he owed hundreds of millions, all of which were expenses for fronts in Marib, and he did not leave to his family an inch in the compound.