Four Billion to Ignite Taiz Front

Military source in coalition forces revealed on Saturday that the leadership of “Saudi-UAE” coalition had delivered large financial and military support to Taiz axis in order to move the fighting on Taiz fronts against “Houthi” forces.

A source indicated that the leader of the Axis, Khaled Fadel, recently received a sum of money estimated at more than four billion Yemeni riyals from the coalition in return to escalate the eastern and western battlefronts of Taiz.

The source indicated that the motive of coalition and axes’ escalation on Taiz fronts comes to relieve pressure on their forces in Marib province after the course shift of military conflict in the oil province in favor of Houthis, who are now applying an almost complete siege on the areas that are still under the grip of the legitimate authority.

The source pointed out that the Axis leadership does not currently possess neither the readiness nor the comprehensive military plan to liberate all areas of Taiz city, which are under the grip of Houthis in preoccupation with a military and political conflict with pro-UAE groups in the southern countryside of Taiz and the western coast.

The fighting fronts in Taiz city witnessed a major military escalation during the past week between Axis forces and Houthis, resulted in the killing and wounding of dozens from both sides, without making any field progress to both of them.