Defections in supporting legitimacy coalition in Taiz

An official source in the National Alliance in support of legitimacy in Taiz expected, on Wednesday, the withdrawal of some political components participating from the bloc in the coming days, due to the failure of the coalition to manage the disputes between the helm of its components in the recent period.

Source, who preferred not to be named, told  “Taiz Al-Youm” news website that the leadership of Nasserist Unionist People’s Organization in Taiz, intends to formally exit from the alliance due to what it calls the failure of coalition to play its role in the province and failure to respect the decisions of political consensus of its components and monopolize one political party in all its decisions and outputs, and using it as a cover to pass his own political agenda that does not serve the liberation project and restore legitimacy, “with reference to the Yemeni Congregation for Islah, in Taiz.

the source pointed out, the leadership of Nasserist feels great injustice after the recent events witnessed by Al-Hujariah area, in which Islah party took control of the influence areas of 35th Armored Brigade near Nasserist and pursued the Nasserist cadres, eliminating, arresting, and exclusion them from the political and military scene in the province. In addition to raise the speeches of treason and media attack against the Nasserist leaderships and its Secretary General Abdullah Numan in Islah’s media.

The source pointed out that Nasserist is working to pressure and co-opt socialist party to take a unified position by withdrawing from the alliance, taking advantage from the growing discontent among the Socialist Party masses that are pushing in this direction, especially among youth bases. The source pointed out that Islah is trying to calm the situation and offer new partnership terms for the Nasserist and Socialist, offering them new sharing in administrative positions in the province’s offices, in addition to include new numbers of their members in the ranks of Taiz Axis forces.

Nasserist had previously withdrawn from the Joint Meeting Bloc and the bloc of parties supporting legitimacy at an earlier time for the same reasons, while the relationship of coalition components is going through its worst period, since its inception but since the war outbreak and its involvement in the legitimacy front together.