+ 409 thousand tons of derivatives detain by Coalition navies: YPC

Sana’a-based Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) source confirmed on Friday that the Saudi-led coalition forces are holding 15 oil ships carrying 409 thousand and 55 tons of gasoline and diesel for varying periods of more than five months.

Six fuel vessels have more than five months of detention, while four others have been detained for more than four months, Houthis-run Saba news agency reported.

The source pointed out that the quantities of oil derivatives distributed to priority service agencies and stations operating in the capital and the provinces are among the limited quantities seized by the agencies competent to combat smuggling.

He also confirmed that the company is examining and processing the seized quantities and selling them at the official price and distributing them in accordance with the controls specified in the contingency plan.

The source reiterated the warning of an unprecedented humanitarian disaster as a result of the continued detention of oil derivatives vessels by the Saudi Coalition.

The source again blamed the forces of Saudi coalition and the United Nations for the continuing maritime piracy and its impact on the humanitarian situation in Yemen and ignored the warnings contained in local and international reports.

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