Coalition weapons tripled heart disease during war

Al-Mutawakel unveils a unified pricing for country's private medical sector, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Sana’a Health Minister Taha Al-Mutawakel revealed on Wednesday, that the internationally prohibited weapons used by coalition in its war on Yemen have doubled heart disease among citizens 3 times.

Al-Mutawakel stated that the number of congenital and cardiac anomalies cases have doubled in light of the severe shortage of nurseries and the lack of basic medical equipment, confirming that health sector suffers from a shortage of ventilators for children under the age of first year, and they sentenced to death due to the lack of this device.

During the opening of Heart Diseases Conference in Yemen the minister stated that, UNICEF has provided only 100 nurseries for six years of the Saudi-led coalition war, while the country needs 2,000 nurseries.

He pointed out that World Health Organization (WHO) had only transferred 29 patients within the agreed medical air bridge, carrying the United Nations full responsibility on the death of the child Shawqi Al-Abara after waiting the medical bridge for two full years.

The minister added that the cardiac catheterization devices in Yemen have gone out of their useful life, and the WHO refused to provide Yemen even one device.

He said: “The continued closure to Sana’a airport by coalition is a disgrace in the forefront of UN and the world.”

Meantime, unveils a unified pricing for country’s private medical sector, will be announced in the coming weeks.