Sana’a prepares for a new round of air strikes in the depths of KSA

As 2000 days draws to a close since launching the war on Yemen in March of 2015, Sana’a has begun a new round of air strikes in the depths of Saudi Arabia, so will it be a beginning to a major escalation?

After a few days, Yemenis will celebrate soon by the entry of their historic steadfastness into the third millennium in the face of Saudi-UAE war machine, with their alliances that exceed 17 countries. This achievement for a poor and devastated country like Yemen, is more like a miracle compared to the allied hordes from different nationalities, and the multiplicity of technology, but this resistance what was to have a taste without the smell of victory that began to smell from the scent of drones and the smoke of ballistic missiles, which returned to activate the first air attacks on Saudi Arabia in parallel with the progress made in Marib.

These missiles and drones started heating up in their early stages since the beginning of the week, targeting Abha International Airport before extending to strategic sites in Riyadh, bypassing the latest technologies of defense systems, on which Saudi Arabia spent trillions of dollars over the six years of its war on Yemen.

These attacks were only the beginning, according to the spokesperson of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree. The targets map that was recently drawn, as Saree affirms, is broad and may include targets that were not into the accounts of Saudi Arabia and its alliance.

In view of previous threats made by Saree before the submission of Saudi Arabia, which temporarily stopped Sana’a attacks, all indications confirm, Sana’a has become able to harm Saudi Arabia in its depth. It had previously reached the most fortified sites such as Defense ministry, Intelligence and royal palaces, not to mention the fatal blow that Saudi Arabia still suffering from until today since its facility in Abqaiq and Khurais were targeted.

The recent attacks, in conjunction with the progress made against coalition strongholds on the ground, carry many messages at this time. Perhaps Sanaa’s choice to Abha International Airport as the first goal now relates to the beginning of its deterrence strategy development that it launched in stages during the past few years, it launched from the southern border until it reached to the maximum Saudi North, it may be related to Saudi arrangements to gather its warring adherents in southern Yemen, with the aim of a new escalation in Yemen, but it is certain, as Brigadier General Saree says, that Sana’a attacks comes in response to “the continued aggression and  siege”, this indicates that Sana’a, which is preparing to resolve the battle of Marib, is ready to respond to any Saudi escalation in response to the fall of this important province, on one hand, and on the other hand Sana’a tries to remind Saudi Arabia that the continuation of blockade on Yemen and the prevention of oil derivatives entry through Hodeida port will be met with a greater escalation, at least according to the rule

“A tooth for a tooth” which may indicate to potential attacks on strategic installations in the Kingdom, and not just oil’s one.

There are many messages of current Sana’a’s escalation in Saudi depth however, what is certain now is that it may escalate and lead to bigger and more painful attacks, as officials in Sana’a say. It is also certain that Saudi Arabia, whose foreign minister appealed to the international community to put pressure on Sana’a to stop the attacks, after its military leaders had vowed to occupy Sanaa within a week and destroy about 90% of its missile capabilities, they have become helpless. Even its miserable attempt to gather its adherents at one table comes within the framework of its efforts to maneuver politically, Perhaps with the separation card it might achieve gains that would not have been achieved by military, but all of these cards seem to be in their disadvantage, as the battle  for Marib may mix many cards and may push Saudi Arabia to kneel in pursuit to peace, after it was trying to impose it according to its agenda, the one that extends from the west coast to the east.

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