Sana’a clarify nature of meeting with Griffiths in Geneva

Sana’a government National Delegation revealed on Latest developments in the political track amidst Saudi Arabia continuation to pump leaks in an attempt to mislead public opinion while arranging to a military escalation.

A member of the delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, said that coalition and Hadi government refuse to engage in political consultations or even to consider the suggestions for a comprehensive political solution submitted by  Martin Griffiths, stressing at the same time the absence for any progress in political consultations, ceasefire and humanitarian arrangements, which he said had stalled.

He also indicated that the upcoming meeting in the Swiss capital would be limited only to the representative of prisoners and detainees’ delegations, describing what has been published by the Saudi newspaper “Asharq Al-Awsat” about an upcoming expert meeting as “incorrect leaks.”

Al-Ajri’s statements came on the eve of the UN envoy departure from Riyadh after he failed to meet Hadi and Ali Mohsen within marketing his amended plan for a comprehensive political solution in Yemen and Hadi government’s insistence on obstructing any progress in this path by presenting preconditions such as adhering to the three references.

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